Rush Meadow Ring & Trailhead

About the Property

The Ring and Trailhead are located on the corner of Rush Meadow and Wardner Roads in West Windsor, Vermont. The site is accessed from a well-drained pull-through driveway. The mostly-level, grassy meadow features a brook and a 100m x 40m professionally engineered grass arena located 4.6 miles south of our main facility in South Woodstock.

Property Use

The trailhead and ring are available to GMHA members for use at any time, with the exception of the specified dates and times listed below. We are excited to make this property available to our members even on days when our main facility is not available due to our busy competition schedule.

Please note that all current members planning to use the ring or trailhead must sign a liability waiver once a year at the main office before use.

GMHA members may park at this property and access some of the best trails in our network. There are now 2 new Member’s Loops from that location that are even carriage-friendly. Along with the new loops, we have improved our mapping of all Members’ Loops, so we can now offer accurate, easy-to-follow maps of all loops to our members. Maps and trail info are available from the office, or at the kiosk at the Rush Meadow property.

Please contact Hannah for more information.

Important Notes

  • The posted map at the kiosk provides guidance on the Member’s Loops that can be accessed from this trail head and their distances. It also indicates public rights of way which can be used by riders at any time.
  • Please stay on the marked trail loops. They are marked with a white arrow which has a colored number.
  • You may encounter other trails which are unmarked or which have GMHA signage on them. Please do not ride on these trails. There are some trails that landowners only permit us to use for specific dates.
  • Many of the trails are shared with hikers, bikers and ATV’s. Stay alert and use caution.

Trail Etiquette

  • Thank landowners and treat others you encounter on the trail or road with courtesy and respect.
  • Act safely! When being overtaken by a horse, runner or vehicle, move to the right and halt or travel in single-file until the overtaker has passed.
  • If you are having trouble controlling your horse and need a right of way for your safety, let other users know – with your voice or clear hand-signals. Be courteous and give others the benefit of the doubt.
  • Leave only footprints! No littering, smoking or alcoholic beverages on the trail, please!
  • Please leave your dog at home. There is a leash law in this area that makes it unlawful to ride with a loose dog.
  • Stay on the trail. Safe water stops are marked. Please do not graze on lawns or enter ponds or streams not marked as water stops. Please respect landowner privacy.
  • Ring use and parking are on a first-come, first-served basis unless it the facility is booked for an event listed on the schedule posted on this page.
  • This facility is open to GMHA members from sunrise to sunset on all days except those indicated on this page. Closed for the winter.
  • In order to use this facility and/or ride the Member’s Loops, you must have a current signed waiver on file at the GMHA office.
  • There are no bathroom or waste disposal facilities here. Please take all refuse with you. Kindly remove manure from your parking area before you leave.
  • Vehicles can park on the gravel driveway and in the grass near the kiosk unless otherwise posted.
  • Do not leave your horse or dog unattended.
  • Firearms, open fires, smoking, overnight camping and littering are prohibited.
  • Dogs must be on a leash.
  • Report maintenance issues and concerns to the GMHA office 802-457-1509.

The ring is available to our members at any time with the exception of few dates and times listed below. The property is available for rental- suggested uses include clinics, small shows, and trail events. If you are interested in renting the property, please contact Bruce Perry at (802) 457-1509.


All users, please be advised of the following restricted dates on the Rush Meadow Property:

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