A Selection of Landowner Thank You Notes

It has become a tradition during the Fall Foliage Pleasure Rides to ask riders to write personal notes to landowners thanking them for the privilege of riding their beautiful trails. This year, 85 notes were written, so many of our landowners received more than one. They are uplifting to read and a great reminder of why GMHA was founded 90 years ago.

“This is my first time to GMHA. I am blown away by the beauty. I am so glad people have preserved and developed such an amazing place for people to enjoy their equine friends. Thank you so much for allowing horses on your property. It is so much appreciated.” –Karen Hancock, Worcester, Mass.

“I’d like to express my appreciation and thanks for the opportunity to ride the trails on your property. The views are truly incredible! I cannot thank you enough. As a landowner myself, I can certainly appreciate what it takes to open your property to horses and riders. Thank you again.” — Sharon Tanner

“Thank you so much for allowing horseback riders to cross your property! I’ve been coming to GMHA for many years, and the trail system just keeps getting better every year. This is entirely due to the generous nature of people like you! Please accept our endless thanks!” –Anon.

“Thank you so much for the gorgeous riding on Saturday. It was my first solo GMHA ride on my Thoroughbred. ‘River’ and me both especially enjoyed the “Top of the World” – me for the views and her for the grass.” –Jackie and ‘River’

“Thank you! I am a Connecticut resident who came to GMHA 25 years ago and the experience has been life altering. What vistas! What trails! What friendships! Your generosity in sharing your land with us makes every visit unique and so special.”– Nancy Thorne

“Thank you for sharing your fantastic trails and views with us!” — Lisa DeMayo and gang – members for over 30 years

“Thank you so much for generously allowing us to ride on your property. The GMHA Fall Foliage Ride is one of the highlights of the year. It’s so wonderful to have this very special opportunity to ride through this beautiful countryside with good friends and good horses. Thank you so much for being a part of GMHA. It’s such a special organization and this area, likewise, is a treasure.” –With sincere thanks, Tracey Van Kempen, New York, NY