About Us

GMHA hosts competitive, educational, and recreational equestrian events in five disciplines at our 65-acre facility in South Woodstock, Vermont. We are one of the leading equestrian competition and education sites in the country. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, GMHA is dedicated to holding equestrian events, educating equestrians of all ages, and preserving trails and open space. 

Founded in 1926, we are the nation’s oldest continuously operating horse organization. In addition to offering competitive and recreational events which draw some of the best equestrians in the country, GMHA is also committed to education, offering a variety of clinics and camps for adults and young riders. With over 1500 members, GMHA is a vital community of equestrian enthusiasts.

GMHA has also been instrumental over the years in developing and maintaining a network of miles of open trails, access to which is provided through the generosity of private owners.

GMHA is one of the leading equine competition and equestrian education sites in the US.

Something for Everyone

  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Competitive, Endurance and Pleasure Trail Riding
  • Driving
  • Hunter/Jumpers
  • Numerous educational clinics for all ages.
  • Permanent stabling for approximately 155 horses
  • Additional temporary stalls available for select events to enable a total of 220 horses to stable on the grounds
  • 4 rings with European Geo-Textile footing, numerous grass riding areas, a cross country course that runs through the Intermediate level
  • Meeting rooms, bathroom facilities and an on-site food vendors during events

Annual revenue comes from:

  • Membership (10%)
  • Entry Fees (74%)
  • Donations and Grants (12%)
  • Other (4%)

GMHA provides recreational, educational, and competitive opportunities for a diverse equestrian community. To advance our mission, we:

  • Actively support local land conservation, as well as development and maintenance of trail networks;
  • Embrace our role in the larger community;
  • Provide a welcoming venue suited to diverse program needs,
  • Host equestrian activities, competitions and educational opportunities in multiple disciplines for all ages and abilities; and
  • Emphasize overall youth development in the cultivation of the next generation of equestrians.”

Our Place in History

GMHA has held a significant place in the development of horse sports in the United States.The following are just a few notable milestones from our long history, read more here.

  • 1935: The first multi-day (80-mile) trail ride. It has evolved from this beginning into our current 100-Mile Ride.
  • 1950: The current GMHA facility in South Woodstock, VT, is purchased.
  • 1957: The first year of the annual Horsemanship Clinic.
  • 1957: The GMHA Horse Trials were one of the first to be held in the US since the US Cavalry Team competed in the 1948 Olympics.
  • 1972: GMHA Dressage Days, one of the oldest dressage shows in the country, begins as a preliminary to the August Horse Trials.