Spring CTR/Endurance & Pleasure Ride Trail Information


The trail will be well marked with arrows and streamers in a highly-visible color. A map will be available for viewing at check-in, breakfast, and the pre-ride briefing. You will not need a map to follow the trail. Distance options will be clearly noted.

  • The 25-Mile CTR will have a mandatory mid-point hold off the grounds. Water and grass for horses, refreshments and bathroom facilities for riders will be provided. Driving directions to the hold will be provided for friends, family and volunteers.
  • The 15-Mile CDR will not have a mid-point hold.
  • The 50-Mile Endurance will have 3 loops with two 45-minute holds on the grounds and one 10-minute stop and go safety check on trail. Pit crew stops with water tanks will be provided with driving directions.
  • The 25-Mile Endurance will have 2 loops with one 45-minute hold on the grounds.
  • The 10-Mile Introductory Endurance will not have a hold, but riders will go through the safety check before and after their ride.
  • Pleasure riders will have several riding options each day. Details on the various lengths will be in the Ride Program and explained at the briefing. For the pleasure ride, the shortest option will be no shorter than 5 miles and the longest option will be no longer than 20 miles. Each day will feature different trails.


This part of Vermont is hilly and scenic. You will be on dirt roads, wooded trails and meadows. There is very little pavement but you will cross pavement a few times. You will cross water. The footing is generally good, but there are areas of hard gravel, mud, and rocks. We recommend hoof protection for all four feet. A vet and farrier will be on-call for the Ride. Cell service is spotty in these hills, but texting is possible from most locations. There is Wifi onsite at our facility.


We employ ride photographers to capture special moments on the trail. They will be out there and will announce themselves so you can smile and sit up straight :-). After each ride day, they will set up in the Youth Center and you can view the day’s photos and make purchases. Their information is also online and will be published in your Ride Program.