GMHA & Willy Walker Take the Reins of the Full Cheek Cafe

GMHA is taking the reins of the Full Cheek Café with the help of Willy Walker, our new Cafe Manager. Although you won’t see Willy in the café every weekend, GMHA is confident the food and service will be up to Willy’s standards.

Open positions include a part-time counter person and a full-time cook. Join the team & get ready to serve our hungry riders. Learn more…

A note from Willy:

Heeee’sss Back!!!!

So happy to be back and part of the GMHA family, again!!  Hard to believe it has been 7 years since running the cafe and food service.  I am thrilled that Tracy has offered me the opportunity to have GMHA run their own food service.  I remember the incredible support and appreciation many of you had for our fresh creative food and look forward to training new staff members to provide just that once again.

For those that do not know the last seven years have been a busy one for me both personally and professionally.  After leaving GMHA I opened a restaurant and expanded my catering business at the Three Stallion Inn.  Couldn’t get totally away from the whole horse thing!!!!  We had a number of successful years providing food for Inn guests, restaurant goers and endless amounts of catering.

I also “don got married”, as many of you remember Beth and I have been together for a very long time (20 years plus ) and not wanting to rush into anything, we waited until 2014 to tie the knot!

I enjoyed my time at the Inn, but as I turned the big 50, I knew I needed less work in my life, so I decided to close my catering and restaurant to pursue life opportunities that I have missed out on (riding my Harley, annoying my wife, playing baseball, coaching baseball, and just having time to find my other thrills in life).

I had noticed that GMHA was looking for a Food Guy….but knowing I did not want to loose my weekends, I proposed to Tracy the idea of me to manage and set into motion the plan of having GMHA run the food service for themselves.  The goal of having all the guests be able to enjoy fresh sandwiches, salads, and baked goods in a timely fashion will only enhance the experience of this special place, and only seems to make the most sense.

I hope that you take the opportunity to stop in. for a bite to eat when you are attending your next horse show. Here’s to a wonderful, fun, and exciting season at GMHA!!!!