Geoff and Joanie Nichols Youth Fund

Hannah Nichols, Parker Nichols and Chris Nichols, the children of Geoff and Joan Nichols, have chosen to honor the memory of our parents through the establishment of an endowment fund for the purpose of assisting young equestrians to pursue and advance in their sport. Geoff and Joan Nichols in their lifetimes were accomplished equestrians, owners and supporters of top event horses, enthusiastic supporters of youth participation in equestrian sports and lifelong supporters of GMHA.

The purpose of the Fund is to award scholarships to young equestrians interested in the eventing disciplines to support their participation in GMHA activities to advance their skills. Scholarships may be expended for any activities or competitions held at GMHA, or, with specific approval of the GMHA Awards Committee (described below) in advance, to help defray the costs of participating in activities or competitions elsewhere to advance in their sport. Award recipients will be required to:

  • expend the funds within two years of the award (unless granted an exception by the GMHA Awards Committee, described below);
  • report to GMHA annually with a detailed and documented account of award expenditures;
  • commit at least ten volunteer hours themselves and/or their family members at GMHA; and
  • share their experience on their own social media and/or other public media outlets, and write an article for a GMHA publication about the award and their experience.