Manton Foundation Challenge Grant

What is GMHA?

A treasured home for the horse community

  • A place to grow up, to return to be with friends in a beautiful place…for generations.
  • Bringing the horse community together
  • Hosting competitions across disciplines and levels, as well as pleasure rides.

A treasured resource for learning for all ages

  • Beloved Junior Horsemanship Clinic for 64 years
  • Clinics and schooling days for members

A treasured community asset

  • Helping the local community
  • Stewarding and conserving open land and trail resources

A treasure!

Every year our loyal donors come forward to help GMHA serve the region and its equestrian community with a robust roster of affordable activities. This year, cancellations and size restrictions have threatened GMHA’s financial stability.  A generous private foundation has offered us a challenge grant for up to $250,000. Thanks to your generosity, our goal has been reached!! Thank you GMHA Family!