Camping on the GMHA Grounds

Due to Woodstock Town Ordinances, camping opportunities on the GMHA grounds are limited. We are allowed camping permits for just a few of our events each year, with a limited number of camping spaces. Camping is first-come, first-served, so reserve and enter early.


  • Camping is free.
  • Camping in the parking lot is prohibited. You will be directed across the bridge or to the Upwey arena area upon check-in.
  • All campers must be a self-contained unit- NO TENTS.
  • No campfires or grills.
  • No water or electricity hook ups.
  • Running of generators is prohibited.
  • No dumping of gray water or sewage. No littering.
  • No temporary paddocks or tying to trailers– horses must be stabled.
  • Awnings may only be set-up AFTER all trailers have been parked. Space is limited, it will be cozy!
  • No loud or disorderly conduct.
  • Not adhering to the above guidelines or breaking of GMHA Rules will prohibit individuals from future camping.
  • Juniors may not camp unaccompanied by an adult.

To sign up for camping, you MUST sign the following release upon check-in to GMHA:

I have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations regarding camping at GMHA, Inc., found in this entry form. I understand that any infraction of these rules will result in the loss of any future camping privileges and may be grounds for my being asked to leave the competition. In addition, I understand that my conduct will reflect on trail riders in general and infractions to these rules may result in the loss of camping privileges at GMHA for all trail riders.