'Trail' Real Estate

Connecting Local Horse Properties with People

Some of our most treasured trails are AT RISK of being lost if the next buyers do not wish to share them.   We want to keep our ever-increasing membership aware of properties with equestrian trails that are now in transition.

We hope to facilitate interest—and ultimately sales—to keep these properties in the hands of horse people who will keep them open to share with riders.  We also hope they will consider donating their trails to GMHA, so they will be protected…forever!

Photographs, brief property descriptions, the trail’s overall importance to our trail network, and direct links to the listings are provided for each property.  Anyone interested—or if you know someone who may be interested—should contact the realtors directly.

Realtors & property owners- do you have a property you would like listed on this page? Please contact Michelle Grald.

We are in the process of updating this page. Please check back soon for current trail real estate listings!