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Press Releases

GMHA and our activities and events have been featured in many publications.

Read all Trail and Open Space press releases here.


GMHA Newsletter

GMHA Newsletter

The GMHA Newsletter is sent to GMHA members three times annually.

The Newsletter includes concise, timely reports on upcoming events as well as updates to activities and accomplishments at GMHA. It's the go-to publication for current GMHA information!

** Special note: GMHA is going green! The Newsletter will now be distributed by email, and is always available here on the website. Members, if you would like to continue to receive the Newsletter by mail, please contact us!

GMHA Magazine

The GMHA Magazine

The GMHA Magazine has been published nearly continuously since the 1950s.

The Magazine includes articles of depth and reflection about people and events related to GMHA and its activities. It now arrives in GMHA members' mailboxes three times a year.

It's one of the great benefits of GMHA Membership!

GMHA Annual Report

Created for and distributed at GMHA's Annual Meeting, our Annual Reports are available online for download.