Planned Giving

Planned Giving at GMHA

Silver Stirrup Legacy Society

GMHA is dedicated to providing and maintaining opportunities for educational and competitive activities for diverse equestrian disciplines; emphasis is placed on equestrian trails preservation, horsemanship and youth education. 

Though true, this mission statement only reflects a small part of what GMHA offers.  Days filled with fun and laughter and camaraderie, lifelong friendships, the joy of bonding and interacting with horses, skills to deal with life’s ups and downs, the chance to be who you really are, and a sense of belonging – these are the hidden treasures that time spent at GMHA brings.

In supporting GMHA in whatever capacity you have been involved, member, competitor, volunteer, spectator, or donor, you have recognized the value of the Green Mountain Horse Association. You understand that GMHA is a unique and vital part of the equestrian and larger communities. And you realize that this precious resource must be preserved for future generations.

Planned Giving is for Everyone

Take a moment to consider the impact that a legacy gift to GMHA will have.  It is a special way to show you believe in this ‘Special Place’ and to make a contribution to the future in a way that reflects your values and beliefs. Your pledge may inspire others to join our Silver Stirrup Legacy Society and, practically, planned gifts can be powerful estate planning tools especially in benefiting donors who wish to reduce their estate tax liability.

Small gifts make big impacts: Specify a dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or specific items to give – no gift is too small.

Bequests come in all shapes and sizes: Cash, shares, jewelry, silver, paintings, copyright income and property are just some examples of gifts.

There are many ways to plan your gifting: Options such as Chartable Gift Annuities and Trust Funds have long term benefits to both givers and recipients.

Target your Gift: Give with no-strings-attached, or specify that your gift must be used to support activities dear to your heart, for example, youth education.

Your pledged gift remains confidential: When you join the Silver Stirrup Legacy Society you do not need to tell GMHA or anyone else what or how much you are pledging.

You can pledge publically or anonymously: The choice of preserving your privacy by remaining anonymous or enjoying the feeling of belonging by being acknowledged is yours.

Bequests can be increased, decreased or withdrawn at any time: Should your circumstances change, you can change the size and/or nature of your bequest by rewriting your will.

From Our Members...

 “My giving is actually continuing a family legacy.  My Mother rode at GMHA events in the late 1930s and again when she returned to New Hampshire in the 1960s.  She brought many a team from the New London Pony Club and taught at the Youth Clinics.  My sister and sister-in-law both attended clinics, competed and participated in Pony Club rallies. 

I was lucky enough to compete at the GMHA Horse Trials (in some years all three events) from 1998 until 2008 and anticipate returning this year.These memories of GMHA are something everyone should have and being part of the GMHA Silver Stirrup Legacy Society is such an easy way to ensure that opportunity for generations to come.

 My Mother impressed upon me the importance of members having stewardship over the Green Mountain Horse Association.  Please consider making a charitable gift and continue your own legacy.”

 - Jim Foley (and Geordie the Wonder Horse)
GMHA Life Member and Eventer
GMHA Legacy Society Member 2012

Ruth Sudduth"A Silver Stirrup gift is all about making the GMHA experience possible for future generations the way it was for us.  I've competed at GMHA since I was a kid, and Sophie Sudduth has been coming here since she was a three year old playing in the stream.  It's a place where you can push yourself and grow, get really dirty, make great friends, try, fail, succeed and try again.  What more could you hope for everyone to experience?  It's so great that GMHA embraces all the disciplines: I've competed in trail, hunter/jumpers, dressage and eventing, so driving must be next!  GMHA is everyone's treasure: a beautiful, welcoming place. " 

Ruth K. Sudduth, GMHA Director, long time member, multi-discipline competitor, and mother of a future GMHA star.

Kathy Hall & Fred WeremeyOur many great experiences at GMHA led to our living at Stormybrook (in nearby Reading, VT).  We feel a personal attachment to GMHA for its part in our wonderful life here.  This influenced us to join the Silver Stirrup Legacy Society since it provides a convenient method for a planned charitable giving opportunity to support this fine organization.  We ask you to please consider doing the same thing as a means for continuing your personal legacy.  It is such a great way to support GMHA and an easy way to plan for the future”.

Fred Weremey & Kathy Hall, long time members, riders, and generous supporters.

About the Silver Stirrup Legacy Society

The GMHA Silver Stirrup Award

The Silver Stirrup Legacy Society was created to recognize the special people who pledge their support for GMHA into the future via planned giving. New members are welcomed into the Society at a yearly social gathering, when they are presented with a lasting token of our gratitude. With permission, their names are published in our Annual Report and added to the plaque in the Members Room, which often motivates others to make a planned gift in support of GMHA's future.

To find out more with no obligation call or email Jane at GMHA to ask questions or set up a private meeting.  We recommend you then consult with your personal legal and financial advisors. They can help you explore gift options that are right for you and discuss tax and estate planning consequences.

Your advisors need the following information: Green Mountain Horse Association, Inc. is an IRS Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The legal name and address is:
Green Mountain Horse Association, Inc.
5491 South Road
P.O. Box 8
South Woodstock, Vermont  05071

How to Join

Once you have planned your gift, just complete and return the Charitable Gift Intent Form. Knowing that you have pledged a gift helps us to know where we are with our efforts to assure GMHA's long-term sustainability. We do not ask for details such as the amount of the gift, and your information will be handled with utmost sensitivity.  On receipt of the form by GMHA you become a Silver Stirrup Legacy Society member.