Eventing at GMHA

Eventing is one of the fastest growing equestrian pursuits in the world, and one in which riders of all ages and abilities can compete. Developed from cavalry competitions during the early 1900s, Eventing is the ultimate challenge for horse and rider, testing their partnership and athletic prowess in three diverse and demanding disciplines:

• The grace of dressage
• The rigors and thrills of cross-country jumping
• The power and pageantry of show jumping

A Horse Trial takes place over one, two or three days, and involves three distinct phases or tests, with varying degrees of difficulty, depending on the competitive level. Taken as a whole, these phases portray the ability, versatility and preparedness of the horse and rider.

Want to learn more about eventing? Volunteer this season at GMHA!

For more information on eventing at GMHA, email eventing@gmhainc.org.

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Know the Law, Be Prepared

Vermont Agency of Agriculture GMHA recommends that all riders and drivers review important information from the VAA regarding Vermont State Law on Horse Importation and all should consider obtaining an Exhibition Permit. GMHA has received word that the Vermont Agency of Agriculture will be increasing their enforcement efforts in 2014.

Jumping & Dressage Mix & Match
(April 26, 2014)

Dressage, stadium competition for Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Beginner Novice, Novice, and Training levels.

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Offering dressage and stadium jumping competition for Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Beginner Novice, Novice, and Training levels PLUS options for jumping only, or schooling dressage tests for Eventing tests and Intro through First Level dressage!

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June Horse Trials
(May 31-June 1, 2014)

Beginner Novice through Preliminary Levels, in traditional two-day format.

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USEA/USEF Sanctioned.

This year's Trials will follow the traditional two-day format (dressage and show jumping on Saturday, cross-country on Sunday), and will offer Beginner Novice through Preliminary Levels.

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Future, New, & Young Event Horse
(June 21, 2014)

Join us in introducing new horses and riders to the sport of eventing!

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Young Event Horse

Send proper entry with stall form, coggins and rabies certificates with entry fee on opening date April 29, 2014.

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USEA Recognized Tests: FEH-1, FEH-2, FEH-3, YEH-4, YEH-5, NEH

Judges: Janet Briggs and Fran Cross

Course Designer: Janine McClain

Fees: FEH $85, YEH $110, NEH $110

Stabling Thursday night: $40

Grounds fee: $20 per entry for non-stabled horse

Schedule: Saturday - 8:00 Dressage and Conformation, Jumping: TBD

Starting Times: will be posted on www.gmhainc.org

Awards: Prize plus 8 ribbons

Dressage Test and arena sizes: YEH 4y/o Dressage test – std, YEH 5y/o Dressage Test –std, NEH 5 y/o Dressage Test –Std

Jumping: water and fields – good early season courses

Jumper Derby
(June 22, 2014)

A mix of stadium and cross-country jumping for all levels.

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2013 Jumper Derby

Courses to consist of a mix of cross-country and show jumping fences. Great schooling for eventing, hunter derbies, or just for fun.

To be held in GMHA's Jump Field and beyond. 

  • Puddle Jumper: 2'3"
  • Elemetary Jumper: 2'6"
  • Schooling Jumper: 2'9"-3'
  • Low Jumper: 3'3"
  • Open Jumper: 3'6"

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2013 Results- Thanks for a great day of fun and jumping!

Starter Horse Trials
(July 5, 2014)

Held in conjunction with our Junior Horsemanship Clinic, the Starter Trials is a great chance to event at GMHA in a relaxed environment.

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This event is help in conjunction with our Junior Horsemanship Clinic. 

Offering Pre-Elementary through Novice level Horse Trials.

Novice & Training Three-Day Event
(July 28-31, 2014)

It's back! Join us for the long-format Novice and Training Three-Day.

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It's back!

Details coming soon.







Festival of Eventing
(August 4-10, 2014)

A new clinic, followed by our August Horse Trials (Beginner Novice through Intermediate, Trade Fair & Competitors' Party!)

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Festival of Eventing Clinic • August 4-6, 2014

Festival of Eventing at GMHA

Join us for a fantastic clinic with several top notch clinicians - a great learning opportunity!

2013 Welcome Letter for Accepted Riders

2013 Meet the Clinicians

August Horse Trials • August 8-10, 2014

Elementary through Intermediate, Trade Fair & Competitors' Party!

USEA/USEF Sanctioned.

August 8: Beginner Novice & Novice Horse Trials

August 10-11: Beginner Novice-Intermediate Horse Trials (Dressage and Show Jumping on Saturday, Cross-Country on Sunday)

August 10: Trade Fair & Competitors' Party

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Hunter Pace (September 7, 2014)

A beautiful course staring and finishing at GMHA, with a good variety of optional and inviting jumps make this a not-to-be-missed event!

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The course will be approx. 8 miles of open grassland and beautiful trails with a great selection of optional jumps, none exceeding 3’3”, all with go‐arounds. There will be a halfway rest with water for horses and light refreshments for riders.

Teams of 2 or 3 riders may enter the 'Hunting' division if they intend to go at a good hunting pace, or the 'Hacking' division if they intend a more leisurely ride. Ribbons to 8th place in each division. Dress safe and tidy according to weather ‐ approved helmets compulsory.

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September Horse Trials
(September 13-14, 2014)

Beginner Novice through Preliminary levels.

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Eventing at GMHA

SEA/USEF Sanctioned

We will offer Beginner Novice through Preliminary levels at this event.

Dressage and stadium jumping will take place on Saturday, with cross-country following on Sunday.

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The Vermont Eventing Challenge

A year-end awards program for riders competing in Vermont’s USEA recognized Horse Trials.

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The Green Mountain Horse Association, Hitching Post Farm, and Huntington Farm will once again present the Vermont Eventing Challnege, sponsored by Strafford Saddlery Shop. 

The following competitions are part of the 2013 Vermont Eventing Challenge:

  • Hitching Post Farm Horse Trial: May 18 – 19
  • GMHA June Horse Trial: June 1 - 2
  • Huntington Farm Horse Trial: July 6 - 7
  • GMHA August Horse Trial: August 9 - 11
  • Huntington Farm Horse Trial: August 18
  • GMHA September Horse Trial: September 14 - 15

This exciting program will be open to any horse and rider combination participating in the challenge events. Competitors must declare a horse and rider combination, level of competition, and pay a nominating fee in order to be eligible for the Vermont Eventing Challenge. Horse and rider combinations are only eligible at one level per season; riders may declare multiple horses. The program will be administered by the Green Mountain Horse Association in cooperation with Hitching Post Farm and Huntington Farm.


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