Trail Easements

A unique legacy of equestrian trail riding and open space can be protected.

GMHA Trail Riders Enjoying a Ride

Since its founding in 1926, GMHA's mission has included "the development and maintenance of bridle trails and other such activities and purposes as desired by its members."

Through the years, it has played an important role in shaping the area's "horse country" culture through awareness and appreciation of land that is shared for recreational enjoyment, scenic vistas and natural habitat.

Though many take for granted that the open land we enjoy now will always remain that way, GMHA provides the proactive leadership to help assure that it does. Through the use of permanent trail easements, we are taking advantage of a well-timed opportunity to secure a future of mutual reward for our community of friends and neighbors.

Easements can be customized to each landowner's specific needs and wishes—including privacy—and assures that trails will be well-maintained.

And when a landowner donates an equestrian trail, they become part of an 87-year-old legacy—a most profound and rewarding experience.

A Friendly and Straightforward Process:

Help Keep Open Space Open!

Get started with our Frequently Asked Questions, which includes a link to Vermont's legislation providing landowners with greater legal protection when allowing recreational users on their land!

Read what some of our trail donors have to say...

LJ's Trail & LJ's Other Trail

Stunning View from LJ's TrailWest Windsor, VT

"One day, when I was at the kitchen sink, I glanced up from what I was doing and an antique four-in-hand coach was going by. The harnesses were beautiful with lots of shiny brass hardware. It was incredible.

GMHA is one of a kind! All of us who love it should commit to protecting it and the land."

- Linda Johnson

Gambol Hill Farm Trail

Helping to Connect the Trails

West Windsor, VT

“We donated a trail easement to GMHA not only because we support the efforts of its trail preservation program, but we always welcome and love watching the horses go through.”

- Shirley and Bob Fenner

Serenity Farm Trail

Sun-speckled Serenity Farm TrailSouth Woodstock, VT

"The extensive equestrian trail network that radiates out from South Woodstock is one of the most wonderful and sacred treasures in the area. Unfortunately, this network is threatened by new landowners who don't understand or appreciate its significance and deny access to the trails over their property.

We felt compelled to do our part to help protect this gem for future generations. Granting an easement to GMHA as a steward for the trail over our property was an easy decision for us."

Reeves Trail

Spencer Family watering troughWest Windsor, VT

Molly, Jane and Carlisle Spencer—mother, daughter, and son—of West Windsor, approached GMHA last year with a well-thought out plan to increase safety for local riders and carriage drivers at a dangerous curve.  Their solution:  A scenic trail through their open meadow to the end of their driveway at the watering trough. 

Caper Hill Farm Trails

West Pasture in summerWest Windsor and Reading, VT

“GMHA at one time had some shirts identifying it as a ‘special place.’  To us, there is another special place which is inextricably tied to GMHA and that is Caper Hill.  Our parents bought Caper Hill Farm in 1959 when we ranged in ages from 18 to not-yet-born.  But over the last 40 years, when we visited one special place, we invariably visited the other.  And so it is that we would like to see this partnership continue.  We would like to ensure that the preservation and enjoyment of the trails and views of Caper Hill continue to be available to all GMHA members and event participants.  Doing so honors our parents’ spirit of generosity.” 

- The Leslie Family

Bonnie's Trail and Reeves Trail

In Memory of Bonnie MooreWest Windsor, VT

 “The trail across the top of the property is named ‘Bonnie’s Trail’ in memory of my youngest daughter.  Bonnie, her husband and I rode this trail in October 1999, the last trail ride she took before she was killed three weeks later in a traffic accident in New York City.  We would like to see this beautiful area preserved for future generations.” 

- Frank and Rosemary Moore

Windfarm Trails

Stigur TrailHartland, VT

“Making sure that our trails were permanently protected through GMHA was first and foremost in our minds.”  

Juniper Trail and Route 66 Trail

Clover Durfee and friendsSouth Woodstock, VT

"Well, why not donate trails?

It's a privilege to share my bit of South Woodstock with others who love horses and trail riding in beautiful, unspoiled Vermont.

The easement process is friendly and thorough...I encourage other landowners to pick up the phone and donate more trails."

Interested? Make the Call!

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Trail Preservation Specialist
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