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Combined Driving began as an official sport thirty years ago when a group of driving enthusiasts, including Britain's Prince Phillip, asked the Federation Equestrian International (FEI) to put together a set of rules to standardize driving competitions from Austria to New Zealand.

Since driving encompasses so many disciplines, it was decided that a versatility test would be the best way to judge a driving horse's ability. The competition, similar in format to the ridden Three-Day Event, has three parts: Dressage, Marathon, and Obstacles, each looking at a different aspect of the horse's training and the driver's ability. The cornerstone of this competition is teamwork between horse and driver.

Pleasure Driving competitions are also an active part of the GMHA schedule. While Dressage and Obstacle classes may be offered at these events, you will also see classes such as Reinsmanship, Working Classes, and Concours D'Elegance.

Would you like to learn more about carriage driving? Why not volunteer to help at a competition?

Biosecurity Fact Sheet: Help Keep Our Horses Healthy!

Know the Law, Be Prepared

Vermont Agency of Agriculture GMHA recommends that all riders and drivers review important information from the VAA regarding Vermont State Law on Horse Importation and all should consider obtaining an Exhibition Permit. GMHA has received word that the Vermont Agency of Agriculture will be increasing their enforcement efforts. 

Fall Driving Classic
(September 20-21, 2014)

Pleasure classes and Combined Test on Saturday, Continuous Event on Sunday.

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Saturday: Offering Combined Tests for Training, Preliminary, and Intermediate, and a variety of pleasure driving classes.

Sunday: Continuous Driving Event for Training, Preliminary, and Intermediate- to include a dressage test, two pace sections, and cones.

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Wheel Runners
(Monthly, 2014)

Group lessons for carriage drivers with international competitor Robin Groves. Attend a series or as many single day sessions as you'd like. Groups for drivers of all levels.

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2014 Dates:

April 22  -  May 6  -  June 17  -  July 15  -  August 19  -  September 16  -  October 7 

Wheel & Ridge Runners is a monthly group lesson series with Robin Groves. Wheel Runners sessions are for drivers, Ridge Runners sessions are for riders.

Wheel & Ridge Runners will be sharing dates again this year.  How will this work?

  • Ridge Runners lessons will be offered at 1pm.
  • Wheel Runners lessons will be offered at 10am and 2pm OR 11am and 3pm.
  • Entries must be received by the Friday before each date- four entries in each session are required to hold each lesson.
  • Wheel Runners sessions may be combined if entries are low, Ridge Runners may be cancelled.

If you have not driven with Robin before, please contact her before entering: (802) 484-5016.

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Sleigh Driving (January 4, 5, 26, 2014)

Combined Tests, Pleasure Classes & a Continuous Driving Event on the snow!

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Thanks for Sleighing with Us

Thanks to everyone who came out for our 2014 Sleighing Events!


January 4 Combined Test - January 5 Sleigh Rally - January 26 Combined Test

Driving 2-Phase & Arena Driving Trial
(May 10-11, 2014)

Combined Tests and Cones Only, and Arena Driving Trial for Training, Preliminary, and Intermediate.

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Saturday: Offering Combined Tests for Training, Preliminary, Intermediate and ADVANCED!

Sunday: Offering an Arena Driving Trial for Training, Preliminary, and Intermediate.

Judges: Holly Pulsifer, Susan Koso (Sunday only)

Note: Stabling fees will be $25/night for GMHA Members, $40/night for non-members.


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Combined Driving Event
(August 23-24, 2014)

The only Combined Driving Event in New England.

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Covered bridge hazard

The CDE lives!

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