Members' Days & Clinics

2014 JHCEducate yourself and your horse! Join us for a clinic or schooling day.

GMHA is one of the premier equestrian facilities in the Northeast.

Clinics of all varieties, of interest to all disciplines, are offered each year for riders of all ages and abilities. Please browse our offerings below, or contact us to learn which clinic is the best fit for you. Many clinics are also open to auditors!

Know the Law, Be Prepared

Vermont Agency of Agriculture GMHA recommends that all riders and drivers review important information from the VAA regarding Vermont State Law on Horse Importation  and all should consider obtaining an Exhibition Permit.  GMHA has received word that the Vermont Agency of Agriculture will be increasing their enforcement efforts. 

Biosecurity Fact Sheet: Help Keep Our Horses Healthy!

Junior Horsemanship Clinic
(June 27-July 5, 2015)

GMHA's Junior Horsemanship Clinic is now in its 59th year, and is the premier eventing camp for young riders ages 9-17!

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2014 JHCNow in its 59th year, GMHA's Junior Horsemanship Clinic is the premier eventing camp for young riders ages 9-17. Riders bring their own horses or ponies to camp, and receive quality mounted and unmounted instruction.Riders will school all three phases of eventing: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. Please view our brochure for more details!

Our facility includes four all-weather riding rings, a newly upgraded cross-country course, six permanent barns, an extensive trail system, a Youth Center facility, and snack bar. GMHA has a rich history in eventing, having hosted Horse Trials for over 50 years, and educated many top riders, including Olympians Denny Emerson and Lana Wright, well-known competitors Ashley MacVaugh and Marcia Kulak, and rising star Kylie Lyman to name just a few!

Please see our FAQs for details on how to register for camp!

2015 details are here:

Info for participants:

Be sure to like GMHA Junior Horsemanship Clinic's Facebook Page! You can find information and updates here, along with pictures of the camp!

Staff details and application:

We're looking for riding instructors and barn managers to staff our 59th annual Junior Horsemanship Clinic on June 27-July 5. Spend ten days at GMHA teaching an enthusiastic group of young eventers! 

All instructors recieve board for one horse and lessons with Jane Hamlin and John Bourgoin. Housing is available.

Staff Application

Staff Information & Job Description



Winter Warriors (December- March 2015)

Join us for great horse related activities on these winter evenings!

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Once a month throughout the winter, we offer a free and fun gathering where we can learn from experts and each other. GMHA will provide hot and cold drinks. Please bring a snack to share.

Meetings this winter will be on Thursdays in the Members' Room at GMHA and will be from 6:00pm to about 7:00pm. 

January 8, 2015: Yoga for Equestrians
Get ready to have some fun and learn some great exercises to improve your riding.

Take time this winter to learn some basic postures to help open bodies and minds before and after riding. The poses will focus on core strength, balance, and flexibility. This class is designed for beginners but options for a more advanced practice will be offered. Increased strength and suppleness of the rider, improved balance, and greater body awareness are some of the many benefits of a consistent yoga practice. 

Jamie is a certified Yoga instructor and has been practicing yoga since 1998. She combines the breathing and alignment of yoga with the discipline of riding to enable practitioners to gain a more successful connection with their horses.  Her style is playful, fun and relaxed and supportive for both stiff and bendy bodies! 

RSVP's needed! Email Chelle if you are planning to attend.

February 12, 2015: Trucks and Trailers
What do you drive, what do you haul, and why? Learn about the importance of trailer safety, tips for truck/triler driving, and maintenance. New technologies and innovations.

March 12, 2015: Horse Agility and Groundwork
Simple and fun things you can do with your horse that will help to prepare you both for riding season, improve your bond, and your horse's manners. 

Call (802-457-1509) or email Chelle to join us! 

Trail Clinic
(April 24-26, 2015)

Trail Horsemanship Clinic with Heidi Potter- Practical & fun for all levels & styles of riding!

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GMHA Heidi Potter Clinic

Put the pleasure back in your trail rides!

Build confidence, comfort & communication skills through ground exercises, obstacle practice & application under saddle. Find or renew your sense of balance, relaxation & connection with your horse through Centered Riding techniques with Heidi Potter

Clinic includes mounted and unmounted work in the arena and on trail.

Horse not ready? 

Come to the Friday evening workshop and/or audit the clinic!

The clinic is currently full but if you are interested please contact us for a spot on the waiting list. Auditors welcome!

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Members' Days
(All Season)

Members enjoy free use of our facility and trails!

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Join GMHA to gain access to our fantastic facility and trails!

Become a Member

Learn more about GMHA's facility.

Members' Days are opportunities for GMHA's members to come and use our facility and trails at NO COST!

Note: There is no night watch service during Members' Days. There is a payphone and emergency contact numbers on the deck of the office.

 New Information for Members' Days!

All days listed are "General Members' Days", which means that our grounds and trails are open for schooling. Specialized equipment (jumps, cones, dressage rings, cross-country portables, etc) may or may not be available.

Days listed as (+ ------) are Members' Days Plus Special Equipment. The grounds and trails are open for schooling PLUS there will be specialized equipment available for your use (ie. Dressage = dressage rings; Jumping = a full jump course; Cross Country = portables will be set; Driving = cones course/hazards/driving dressage ring available).

ALL rings, trail loops, or cross country areas may or may not be available depending on grounds use, work schedules, and conditions. Call the office to confirm which areas are available AND be sure to check the new Check-In Station on the office porch when you arrive.

In order to participate in a Members’ Day, we need:

  • Your signature on a GMHA release form (once a year)
  • Your horse’s negative coggins and proof of rabies vaccination within 12 months on file
  • Your membership (and the memberships of all in your party, including trainers!) must be current OR pay the non-member facility use fee
  • Helmets and armbands are REQUIRED for all riders on grounds/trails.

2015 Dates (* = Trails closed until Memorial Day- May 25.)

April 26 * (+Jumping & Dressage)
April 27-30*
May 4* (+Dressage)
May 6-7*
May 11* (+ Driving)
May 12-14*
May 18* (+Jumping)
May 19*
May 25-28
June 15 (+Cross Country & Jumping)
June 16-17
June 22 (+Dressage)
June 23
June 25-26
July 7 (+Coss Country)
July 13 (+Jumping)
July 14-16
July 20-22
August 10-11 (+Cross Country)
August 12-13
August 17 (+Jumping)
August 18-20
August 24-25 (+Driving)
August 26-27
September 1-3
September 7
September 8 (Trails Only)
September 14 (+Cross Country)
September 15-17
September 21 (+Driving)
September 22-23
September 28- October 1
October 5 (+Dressage)
October 6-7
October 13-15 (+Cross Country)
October 19-23 (+Cross Country)
October 24-30

Wheel Runners (Monthly)

Monthly group lesson series with Robin Groves for drivers.

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2014 Wheel Runners2015 Dates
April 21
May 5
June 16
July 14
August 18
September 15
October 6

Wheel Runners is a monthly group driving lesson series with Robin Groves. Lessons will be offered at 10am and 2pm OR 11am and 3pm.

Entries must be received by the Friday before each date- four entries in each session are required to hold each lesson. Wheel Runners sessions may be combined if entries are low.

Wheel Runners Entry Form

If you have not driven with Robin before, please contact her before entering: (802) 484-5016.

GMHA Adult Camp
(June 8-12, 2015)

A great learning experience with top trainers!

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Join us for the GMHA Adult Clinic, the facility will be available with Cross -Country jumps, Dressage rings and Stadium fences left standing from the June Horse Trials for work with your favorites:  the venerable Michael Page, John Zopatti, Jane Hamlin and Leslie de Grandmaison.

Lessons start on Monday afternoon and run through Friday morning.  We will schedule you for two lessons per day. You may come for the whole camp or join us for a day or two.  Lunch, briefings and hors d’oeuvres will be available each day.

We will celebrate the passing of the wonderful Barbara Marks on Wednesday night June 10 with stories and praise for her longstanding love of Dressage and GMHA.

2015 Adult Camp Enrollment Form

CVDA Adult Camp
(June 16-17, 2015)

Welcoming horses and riders of all levels to annual clinic at GMHA

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Click here for details

USEA Young Rider Camp
(July 27-29, 2015)

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Click here for details

Trail Clinic (August 28-30, 2015)

Trail Clinic with Heidi Potter- Practical & fun for all levels & styles of riding!

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Heidi Potter ClinicPut the pleasure back in your trail rides!

Build confidence, comfort & communication skills through ground exercises, obstacle practice & application under saddle. Find or renew your sense of balance, relaxation & connection with your horse through Centered Riding techniques with Heidi Potter

Clinic includes mounted and unmounted work in the arena and on trail.

Horse not ready? 

Come to the Friday evening workshop and/or audit the clinic!

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Festival of Eventing Clinic (August 3-5, 2015)

Features instruction in dressage, show jumping and cross-country!

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Festival of Eventing ClinicThe Festival will kick off with the popular Festival of Eventing Clinic running Monday through Wednesday featuring instruction in dressage, show jumping and cross-country on nearby Birch Hill Farm property with Bonnie Mosser, Kylie Lyman Dermody, Sharon White and Scott Keach. Evening briefings with snacks will ease your competitive nature as you enjoy the peaceful facility.

The horse trials  will follow the same schedule as last year, with a one-day Beginner Novice and Novice event on Friday and Novice through Intermediate and CIC* running over the weekend.

GMHA and the Festival of Eventing showcase the exceptional qualities of a New England event: An historic facility unmatched for its beauty and terrain, premier footing in all rings, renovated cross-country tracks with many new jumps and complexes at all levels, permanent stabling, and on-grounds food concession. Join the clinic to gain an edge just before the event. 

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