Calendar 2016

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Events in italic are not run by GMHA.

Members' Days and other events TBA.

Jan 23-24

Sleighing Weekend

Apr 26

Wheel Runners

Apr 30

Jumping & Dressage Mix & Match

Apr 30

15-Mile CDR & Trail Clinic

May 1

5-10-15-Mile Pleasure Ride

May 7

CVDA Critique Day

May 8

CVDA Schooling Show

May 10 

Wheel Runners

May 14-15

Driving Combined Test & Arena Driving Trial

May 21-22

Spring Hunter Jumper Show

May 28-29

Memorial Day Pleasure Ride

May 28

GMHA Schooling Show

Jun 4-5

June Horse Trials

Jun 6-8

Eventing Clinic

Jun 10

No Frills Pleasure Ride

Jun 11

Jumper Derby

Jun 11

Spring 25/15-Mile CTR

Jun 12

Spring 50/25/15 Endurance

Jun 14

Wheel Runners


June Dressage Show

Jun 22

High Horses Schooling Show

Jun 25

Three-Phase Schooling Day

Jun 26-July 6

Junior Horsemanship Clinic

Jul 2

Starter Horse Trials

Jul 8

Twilight Pleasure Ride

Jul 9

GMHA Open House & Upwey Barn Wild West Party

Jul 10

Summer Hunter Pace

Jul 13-17

Summer Hunter Jumper Show

Jul 14

Team Jumper Challenge

Jul 19

Wheel Runners

Jul 23-24

CVDA & Connemara Show

Jul 25-27

USEA Young Rider Clinic

Jul 29-31

Dressage Days

Aug 6-7

25/25/50-Mile CTR & Drive

Aug 6

No Frills Pleasure Ride

Aug 8-10

Festival of Eventing Clinic

Aug 12-14

Festival of Eventing August Horse Trials

Aug 19

Derby Day & Tailgating

Aug 20-21

August Hunter Jumper Show

Aug 23

Wheel Runners

Aug 26- 28

Combined Driving Event & Combined Test

Sep 2-4

Distance Days, featuring the 80th 100-mile CTR

 Sep 6

Wheel Runners

Sep 9-11

Fall Driving Classic

Sep 17-18

September Horse Trials

Sep 22

Fall Foliage Trailer Ride

Sep 23-25

Fall Foliage Pleasure Ride I

Sep 25

CVDA Schooing Show

Oct 1-2 

Fall Dressage Show

Oct 2

Fall Hunter Pace

Oct 3-4

USEA Area 1 Lucinda Green Clinic

Oct 4

Wheel Runners

Oct 6 

Fall Foliage Trailer Ride

Oct 7-9

Fall Foliage II Pleasure Ride

Oct 10

Ride for the Cure

Oct 15

Fall 50/30 Endurance