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Promote Your Business with GMHA

In addition to gaining visibility for your business, you are also supporting a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission emphasizes trail preservation, horsemanship, and youth education.

The 2010 Economic Impact Study (by the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College), found that GMHA contributes over $4.2 million per year to the local economy of the greater Woodstock area.

Join us today and your business will benefit from the advertising and marketing opportunities GMHA provides.


Our Events...

Bring over 10,000 people to the greater Woodstock area each year from across the northeast.

Create a rich community of equestrian enthusiasts surrounding our facility. People are moving to our area, or purchasing second homes, to be near GMHA.

Cater to a very wide range of equestrians, from beginners to world-class competitors, ages 5 to 85.

Provide a wide range of activities across many disciplines.

Our Customers...

Stay an average of 3.35 days at GMHA, and spend an average of $210 per day on food, lodging, etc within 30 miles of South Woodstock.

50% of visitors to GMHA say they plan to return to the greater Woodstock area for a reason other than attending GMHA (i.e. to explore local attractions or enjoy seasonal activities).

Bring horsey and not-so-horsey parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, partners and companions of all ages along with them to GMHA.

Interests are likely to include any or all of the following:

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Your Business Membership includes regular membership benefits for one individual.

Newsletter Advertisements

GMHA produces two newsletters each year, which are distributed by email to our members, competitors, and subscribers. Members may select to have them mailed directly. Ads include a live link to your website. Ads must be 300 ppi, 2.5” by 1.25”.


GMHA maintains a busy and well-designed website ( In the last 12 months, our site drew:

Website visibility includes a web banner and text listing in our business directory, with direct links to your website. Banners are 72 ppi, 220 by 110 pixels.


GMHA sends out a minimum of 12 E-News blasts during the season. E-News blasts are like short versions of the newsletters that serve to remind everyone what is happening in the near future at GMHA. Your logo (75 by 75 pixels) will appear in each edition.


A high visibility opportunity to advertise in our popular full-color annual calendar. Calendar square ads must be 300 ppi, 1.25” by 1.25”.

Season Program and Fall Magazine

GMHA produces two beautiful full-color magazines every year: the Spring Magazine/Season Program in April and the Fall Magazine in November. Ad sizes vary based on membership levels- See our advertising page for ad sizes and specifications.

Season Program Business Directory

A text listing with your contact information will put your business in front of everyone visiting GMHA this season.

Seasonal Banner

Seasonal banners are usually 4.5’ by 2.5’made of flexible vinyl. GMHA is able to display banners around the show grounds. Businesses provide their own banner.

White Ring Banner

The White Ring is the arena where the most prestigious classes and prize giving takes place. Advertisements placed here have very high visibility. Banners are 84” x 20” rigid pvc material, provided by your business.

Seasonal Display

Create a permanent custom display on the GMHA grounds for the season to distribute your collateral.